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Deborah has a rare gift for communicating basic technique clearly and precisely and she does this in an effortlessly engaging way which leaves the singers enthused and enthralled.

 Duncan Aspden (City of Oxford Choir)

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Debbie brings knowledge and enthusiasm to her vocal technique sessions. Everybody in the room benefits from her ability to communicate her ideas and in so doing improve their singing at a stroke.

Robert Dean (Former Musical Director, Philharmonia Chorus)

Deborah is a joy to work with, sparky, funny, demanding and encouraging. The reason she is so effective in front of choirs is that besides her great gifts as a vocal coach she is a born collaborator. Her understanding of what hard-pressed singers and conductors need comes from personal experience as both. The points she makes arise naturally out of the concern of the moment, and she tempers brilliantly what she does according to the difficulty of the programme, the stress level and the lateness of the hour. She finds new solutions to old problems and old solutions, always freshly expressed, to new ones. The BBC Symphony Chorus and I have done many things with Deborah that we wouldn't have contemplated without her.

Stephen Jackson (Director, BBC Symphony Chorus)

I'd like to thank you for an inspirational Sunday afternoon workshop. It took a huge amount of will-power to sacrifice my lunchtime G&T, bottle of claret, roast beef and Yorkshire puddings and to cap it all, a Six Nations Rugby match, but I have to say it was worth every minute. I didn't even think about anything other than trying to improve my singing under your marvellous guidance.

Val (NHGS Hitchin)

The feedback I get from the choir is all extremely positive and the effect on their singing is palpable.

Andrew Lucas (Music Director, St Albans Bach Choir)

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Debbie has a warm, engaging personality making the learning experience most enjoyable. She is tremendously enthusiastic and a great enabler, inspiring confidence and genuine improvement particularly in the techniques of voice production. As a workshop leader she is quite inspirational.

Bob Hawkes (Chairman, St Albans Bach Choir)

One of my choristers last night explained how satisfying it was to have vocal matters discussed in terms which amateur singers could understand.

Derek Beck (Winchester & County Music Festival)

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A million thanks for the workshop this week. The members of the choir I have seen since have been unanimous in singing it, and your, praises. I am sure this will guarantee a good turnout for your next workshop which we must organise soon.

Chris Gardner (Alton)

I  have had so much positive feedback that I don't know where to begin.

From Alison Dalal (St Matthew’s Choir, London W5)

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I can’t recommend Deborah’s work and abilities highly-enough.

Michael Emery (Conductor, The Weald Choir, and Producer BBC Singers)

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I can do it! After a lifetime of choral singing and music teaching, I learned in a morning with Debbie just how it is done. Her lovely voice and amazing understanding of the technique required as an amateur choral singer convinced us all. The choir sound was transformed and my singing will certainly never be the same again! Thanks Debbie.

ChoralClinic Workshop attendee (March 2011)

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