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A typical 3 hour workshop (to include a break):

  • WARM UP  All sessions start with a good warm-up lasting about 30mins. Physical exercises followed by a big variety of well paced vocal exercises to suit the choir. It includes thought-provoking work on the very basics of choral singing: breathing exercises, projection techniques, the art of blending and how to focus sound to maximum effect.
  • OTHER CHORAL SKILLS are practised, sitting, posture, watching the conductor etc and the music is interspersed with some short games to keep the brain sharp – and the singers entertained!
  • FOCUSSING ON THE CONCERT If the choir is working on a programme for a forthcoming concert,  I can work exclusively on the pieces to be performed. I concentrate on the passages where I think I can improve the sound or solve a difficult technical problem.  Deborah is always happy to accommodate the wishes of the Conductor of course.
  • RECRUITMENT OPPORTUNITY You may want to open it up to singers outside the choir to see if you can attract new singers.  Therefore I and the conductor would consult to decide on a mix of pieces; some that the choir are working on plus other pieces of a suitable standard -  eg an oratorio chorus, a motet, opera chorus and something more popular  and lively. Deborah is always happy to advise on repertoire.

NOTE I need a pianist to play the accompaniments and accompany the exercises. 

TIMINGS Workshops are typically held on a Saturday/Sunday morning or afternoon and last 3 hours. If you wish for a workshop lasting a full day, I suggest a long morning and a short afternoon - typically 10am - 3.30pm with breaks for lunch and coffee.  


Other suggestions and extras include:

  • BOOKLETS I have about 100 copies of 2 different booklets with big variety of well known pieces of differing standards.  I am happy to bring these along free of charge to provide some extra variety.
  • MASTERCLASS If you are holding a Workshop for a whole day, one option is to include a vocal Masterclass after lunch.  I just need a couple of volunteers willing to sing a short solo, It takes about 20/25 minutes and singers learn a lot from watching others sing – and it also gives everyone a rest! (By the way, Deborah is always supportive and encouraging to the soloists whilst improving their performance.)
  • THE CONDUCTOR He or she is encouraged to be present for the workshop either as an observer - or to participate!
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