Technique Coaching for Amateur Choirs
Deborah Miles-Johnson

How well is your choir singing? Do you believe it could sing better? Is your choral society producing a focussed quality sound or is the chorus’s unfocussed tone not delivering its full potential?

Sopranos and tenors often find it difficult to sing high notes well and altos and basses usually need help with producing a full rich sound. Wouldn’t it be worth spending an evening working on some basic singing technique to maximise the months of work preparing for a concert?


If you thought that the only solution was individual voice coaching for every choir member, then here is good news for you — Deborah Miles-Johnson’s ChoralClinic .

An unprojected sound obscures the true ability of your choir, and Deborah is a leading expert in unlocking a choir’s vocal potential and style.

As a professional singer and choir trainer, Deborah undertakes technique coaching for choirs, paying particular attention to the vocal quality. Even a single rehearsal or workshop with her will improve the tone, focus and vocal technique. She always works in collaboration with  the choir’s conductor, complementing and amplifying his or her philosophies and style.

Deborah’s ChoralClinic approach is based on a sound classical singing technique combined with expert vocal coaching and her unique empathy with choirs. She will encourage your choir to think and sing as a cohesive group, while each singer retains his or her individual contribution. No choir is too small to benefit from Deborah’s coaching.

Your choir can benefit from ChoralClinic sessions in a number of ways:

Deborah Conducting

All sessions start with vocal/choral health checks, and include thought-provoking work on the very basics of choral singing: breathing exercises, projection techniques, the art of blending and how to focus sound to maximum effect.

Deborah is a professional singer and choral conductor, and an excellent pianist. She has worked with many of the top London choirs including the BBC Symphony Chorus, London Symphony Chorus and the Philharmonia Chorus — and is uniquely placed to provide expert assistance with her wide-ranging experience as a professional singer, vocal coach and chorus master.

Your choir can benefit from the vast experience and easy style which has made her masterclasses so much in demand. Singers of any age and experience will receive constructive criticism and encouragement.

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